We are happy to announce the launch of our own brand called “Cinq Frères”.

A big step for our team, “Cinq Frères” enables us to bring to the retail market sustainably sourced vanilla, spices and exceptional products, directly from the source.

All while, staying true to our mission to bring consumers and producers closer together, creating more value and opportunities for our local partners and ensuring better quality products, while minimizing our environmental footprint.

More than just a brand Cinq Frèrers is a commitment to:

High-quality products

Our vanilla & spices are handled with care from the source to the shelf.

Guaranteed origin

We work every day to improve our traceability systems and to source supplies as close as possible to the production areas.

The best value for money

By selling directly from the source, we can offer our customers better prices without compromising on quality.

Ethical Commitment

We take responsibility for the environmental and social impact of our business.

Who are the Five Brothers? 

Cinq Frères, Plantation, Sava Region Madagascar 

Cinq Frères’ story began with our land, located in the green surroundings of Antalaha, along the Ankavy River in the Sava region of Madagascar.

Our brand is named after our first plantation, which has a history dating back all the way to 1915.

Ever since acquiring it in 2015, we have been proud to manage our fields and our treatment facilities in a sustainable manner and in 2019 we obtained Ecocert organic certification for our land as well as for our products.

Today we are embarking on a new adventure, bringing our products directly to the shelves.

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