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Producer at heart, we handle all of our products with care, from the field to the shelf



Agri Spices is a trademark of Agro Resources Mauritius  – a diversified and international agribusiness group specialising in trading and production.

    Our Locations

    • Agro Resources Mauritius, founded in 2016, headquartered in Petit Raffray, Mauritius.
    • Agri Resources Madagascar, founded in 2015, based in Antalaha in the SAVA Region, North East of Madagascar.

    Our Business

    We produce, procure, process and export high-quality vanilla and spices.

    In addition to using our own land, we supply green vanilla and spices from local producers in Madagascar and Comoros.

    We take pride in managing our fields and processing facilities in a sustainable manner.

    We strive to preserve and transfer the traditional know-how to future generations.

    We export our vanilla to manufacturers and importers internationally.

    Our Certifications:  


    We are strongly committed to ensuring the best social and sustainable practices around vanilla cultivation in the SAVA region. We participate in projects in collaboration with key international business and institutional partners, in the domain of environment, sustainability, social development, agronomic training and know-how transfer, security and education.


    Download Agre Resources Group Sustainability Policy Download Agri Resources Group Code of Conduct

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